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Led by Rob Wildman PhD RD LD CISSN ("Dr Rob"), Demeter Consultants LLC delivers world class industry and education support to businesses globally.  Dr Rob and team experience includes Dymatize, Premier Protein, PowerBar, GNC,  Genesis Today, Bally Total Fitness, Guthy Renker, Melaleuca, Shaklee, Bally Total  Fitness, Vitargo and more. 

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Dr Robert Wildman

Dr Rob has a PhD in Human Nutrition from THE Ohio State University, MS in Food & Nutrition from Florida State University and a BS in Clinical Dietetics/Nutrition from the University of Pittsburgh. His professional background and activities include:

  • Presents around the world on nutrition, weight management, fitness and athletic performance. Countries include China, Ireland, England, Germany, Colombia, Brazil, Canada, Peru, Paraguay, Guatemala, Mexico and others

  • As an expert in product formulation, labeling compliance and testing, Dr Rob presents at US and INTL conferences on Regulatory and Scientific Affairs. 

  • Formulated and commercialized hundreds of products including: 
    • Powders

    • Tablets, Capsules and Softgels

    • RTDs, Juices and Energy Drinks and Shots

    • Chews and Gummies

    • Yogurts

    • Protein and Health Bars

    • Greens


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